Please see Frequently Asked Questions below, with any further questions or enquiries, email askaspers@aspers.co.uk


How will I know when you are reopening?

We will post updates on our website and social channels as well as sending an email to our rewards (Aspers World) members.

I have deposited funds with you within my membership account; how can I withdraw these funds?

Please email askaspers@aspers.co.uk and an Aspers' representative will be in touch with you.

What will happen to my Aspers World membership?

There will be no change to your status of membership; all memberships will be on hold until we reopen.

I have my Aspers World birthday offer, will it still be valid when you reopen?

Your birthday offer for the month of March will be valid when we reopen, and we will let you know about validity dates when we have made a decision upon reopening.

I still have a cashout ticket from your casino for £XX amount and it expires soon. What can I do with it now?

Please retain your ticket while we remain temporarily closed; when we reopen you will be able to cash out your ticket as normal. Please continue to check our website for details as to when we will be open again.

If I had a private booking at a gaming table, restaurant, or an onsite event, what will happen to this booking?

We will be rescheduling all bookings once we have reopened.